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The power of the ClimateCamp Network.

Delivered as APIs.

Data sharing and collaboration

Our APIs define and realize the industry's standards. Open and interoperable technology for secure emissions data exchange.

Increase efficiency

Streamline sustainability operations and connect with more suppliers and customers.

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Our APIs

Feature 1

Pathfinder API


A set of RESTful services which enables the interoperable exchange of Product Carbon Footprints across systems conforming to the Pathfinder Framework.

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Feature 2

ClimateCamp Connect API

(Coming soon)

Technical entry points to the ClimateCamp open infrastructure. A set of RESTful services designed to help developers build tools to automate the calculation of the environmental footprint of any business or organization's activity, enables interoperability across systems and allows the integration with the full set of capabilities from the ClimateCamp platform.

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